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As mentioned we offer a BONUS payment plan. Here’s the overview of what this means for you:

# Of Sales Required





Extra Bonus Payout

$2 per sale

$3 per sale

$4 per sale

$5 per sale

Your Payout

300 sales = $600 bonus

600 sales = $1,800 bonus

800 sales = $3,200 bonus

1200 sales = $6,000 bonus

These bonus payments go directly to your Clickbank account THE MOMENT YOU MAKE THE SALE. This is done using with the JV contract feature.

You only get this bonus payment IF you reach the required sales volume.

We are happy to set up a JV contract with you if you contact (use the email address provided below) with your affiliate ID. Please make sure to also include your estimated sales volume. You contract will be activated as soon as we've seen 2 weeks of sales. The contract will be canceled or downgraded if you no longer reach your required sales target.

If you are selling MORE than your initial estimation we will upgrade your contract for the FOLLOWING month.

• You can use an unlimited amountof Clickbank IDs as long as you provide us with undeniable truth that you are the one controling these IDs
• Refunded sales and charge backs are deducted from you total sales count.
• Only sales of our product "Plantar Fasciitis System" are taken into consideration.
• You receive your bonus at the start of every month for the previous month. Simple contact us on the 1st and we will release the funds.
• Payments are wired, we do not use paypal..
• Depending on the amount of your sales we hold an amount back to cover for possible refunds - for up to 8 weeks.
• Every refunded sale will be deducted from your sales count
• Sales periods are counted according to Clickbank. 1 month = 1st to 28th/30st/31st
• Our bonus system does not apply for list swaps or other JVs
Bonus payouts have to be claimed within 7 days of the following month. If this does not happen you will lose your bonus for the respective month. No exceptions are made for any reason.

While we have tried to make it all as easy as we can you might still have questions.

In this case, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.


Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System