Converting Visitors

There are two things you need to make a good income as an affiliate marketer. The first one is to get a lot of visitors to your site – the more interested they are in the subject the better.

The second is to convince these visitors is that that product you are promoting is interesting for them. Obviously no one is expecting you to sell them on the product. That’s our job. However you can significantly increase your conversion rate if you “pre-sell” the product on your site of via the emails you deliver.

Many affiliate marketers that are new to the business want to leave the selling part entirely to the merchant. Obviously that is our job. But it is in your interest to make this job easier since the more people buy from us the more money you will make.

What you are trying to achieve here is for the visitor to somehow get acquainted with the product. When he comes to our site and already knows what it is about, when he has even seen some of the images used on our page it is almost like meeting an old friend.

His resistance to the offer will be weaker, his mind will be more open and receptive and he will be more willing to trust the product or at least give it a try.

Here are some tried and true ways to get your conversion up by pre-selling your visitors on our offer and weeding out tire kickers:

  1. Write a product review (or simple re-write the one we give you). As mentioned earlier I’m happy to send you a copy of the product to review if you send in your affiliate website address.

  2. Write an article about plantar fasciitis or use on of the articles we offer you for free. You want to end the article with a “cliff hanger”, an incomplete sentence that makes people curious and gets them to click on your affiliate link.

  3. Get people to give you their email address and then send them a mini-series of emails convincing them that the Plantar Fasciitis System is the best option to help them. You can use some of the emails we offer you here for free.

  4. Write an honest testimonial how our product helped you or someone you know.

  5. Use a short sales letter to pre-sell. We offer you one right here you can use. Please don’t copy they one on our site since it is redundant information and will only confuse or even bore the visitor – none of which helps with conversion.

  6. Use some of the graphics you find on our sales letter or the banners we give you here in the affiliate resource center. While the banners might not look “pretty” they are designed to arouse curiosity and get people to click on them.

I you want more information on pre-selling you can download a very detailed and helpful guide by clicking here.

If you need any other materials or information, I am here to help you.

Just contact me.


Yours truly,

Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System