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Forum marketing is probably the most “gorilla” form of marketing you can do. The start-up cost is zero but the upside potential is considerable if you find the right forum.

Simple type in Google “plantar fasciitis forum”, “painful heel” forum or “foot health forum” to discover forums with people interested in our product.

Proper forum marketing is an art. The most important thing is to follow the rules of the forum and not make your advertising look like spamming.

Here are some tips to achieve that:

  1. Participate in discussions on the forum. Get your post counts up but make sure to provide other forum members with meaningful comments that help them.

  2. Personalize you forum profile. Upload a picture of yourself or any random picture, fill out fields asking about hobbies and interests. The less your profile looks like hit’n run the better.

  3. Add other forum members to your friend list. Spammers don’t do this because they are not interested in creating relationships. A profile with lots of friends will almost never get deleted.

  4. Use a soft sales approach. Don’t advertise blatantly, recommend and speak from your personal experience.

  5. Use a signature file to promote the program. You can find some sample signature files below you can use or adapt.

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