How To Use Your Hoplink


Once your clickbank account is ready you can start promoting the Plantar Fasciitis System.

It is very easy to market this system. All that is required is place your affiliate links on your websites and in the emails you send to your list and get people to click on them. Your links are referred to as “hoplinks” and Clickbank can track exactly how many visitors you are sending to our site. This way every sale that comes from one of the people you send is credited to your account.

For this reason it is very important that you use the correct hoplink. If you err in this step the sale is not correctly credited to your account and you won’t get paid.

A generic hoplink from Clickbank looks like this:

All you need to do is replace the “xxxxxxx” part with your Clickbank nickname.

Again, if anything in this process is unclear to you, get in touch with me.

Every time someone clicks your hoplink they will arrive at On their computer a tracking file call “cookie” is placed. If this visitor decides to buy the product the sale will be credited to your account and you will receive a commission.

The cookie Clickbank places on the visitor’s computer stays valid for 60 days. This means if the visitor decides not to purchase the first time you send him to our site but later decides to come back, the sale will still be credited to you.

We’re paying out 75% of the net sale to you + the bonus.


Yours truly,

Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System