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While there are many ways to promote the Plantar Fasciitis System and other online products and services if you want to have a long term stable income we recommend you getting a website.

Having your own website has many advantages: For starters you are completely independent on how you want to promote us. While our affiliate resources are a good starting point they might not exactly suits your needs. With your own website it is easy to change and adapt the marketing to suits your style.

Another big advantage is that having your own website allows you to build a list of prospects. These are people that are interested in the product but not yet convinced enough to go ahead and buy it. Once these people are on your email list you can set up and autoresponder and slowly convince them, email by email.

What’s even better about this is that even after the people have bought the product you can still continue to market to them. Everyone has more than one need and if you can discover other products that suit your market you can just continue selling and serving them as a trusted advisor.

The next advantage is that you can properly prepare your visitors before they reach our website. This is called “pre–selling”. You are basically give your own opinion on why you think that the Plantar Fascilitis System is the best choice for treating plantar fascilitis.

We are more than happy to provide website owners with a review copy of the system. All you you need to do is contact us with your website address and we are happy to help you out.

Even if you are a die–hard fan of pay–per–click (PPC) advertising it is still worth having your own website. Google has instituted changes that no longer allow advertisers to link to pages of which they can&rsdquo;t claim ownership.

Building your website is easy. All you need is two things:

  • A domain name
  • A hosting account

We know that all this can be confusing and even overwhelming if you have never dealt with this before.

For this reason we recommend you getting your website setup for you. There is an excellent service here

These guys set up your website for you – and do it for free!

The only thing they are asking for is that you purchase hosting via their site. Considering that you will need hosting anyways we think that this is a steal of a deal you should take advantage of.

We strongly advise against getting any “free” hosting accounts. These come with a lot of restrictions and it is not unheard of that the company suddenly takes your site away once you receive a considerable amount of visitors – just to take advantage themselves!

If money is a severe concern you can try promoting us via a free Web 2.0 property such a


However if you decide to go that route be very careful to follow their terms of service to the letter. A violation might get your entire site destroyed from one day to the next – together with your affiliate income.

Again, the best if to follow our recommendation and have your own affiliate site setup for you for free. The site will run on wordpress which is a very easy to use and customizable site management software. Training for wordpress is available for free all over the net.

Once again I am here to help you. Just contact me.

Yours truly,

Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System