Promo Methods That Sell

In the following you can find some of the tested and proven methods affiliate can use to sell our guide and make money.

1) Product review

This is one of the simplest yet effective ways to promote this product. You just write a review about the product and how it helps people. We are happy to provide you with a review copy so you can come up with an original and honest article about the product.

In order to help you we also offer you are review article here in the resources section. However we advise to at least rewrite this article to make it unique and show your own style and option.

If you have relevant pictures you not only make this review more relevant to the reader but also a lot more credible.

Here are some tips to make writing a review easier for you:

  • Use short sentences
  • Avoid complicated expressions
  • Write as though you are talking to a friend in the bar
  • Talk about the main benefits of the program
  • Mention the bonuses offered
  • Tell the reader why you are qualified to write this review (best: personal experience or expert status)
  • Mention or even quote testimonials
  • Try to look objective, give at least one negative and try to compensated that with a free tip you offer (or even a bonus report you promise after the purchase)

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2) Product graphics and banner ads

If you are not the writer type you can place some of our graphics on your site. For this purpose we  offer banners and you can also use the product graphics.

Both these graphics are easy to use. All you need to do is enter your affiliate link at the appropriate place. Every time a visitor clicks he will be redirected to our site and if he decides to buy you’ll make a commission.

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3) Blog marketing

If you are an active blogger you can promote us on your blog.

It is simple. You can write an article about plantar fasciitis, use one of our articles, post a product review, a testimonial or simply place one of our banners or product graphics.

Another option is featuring our site in your link section or your blog roll.

In case you do not own a blog but would like to here is a list of the best free blogging platforms online right now. You can sign up and start blogging today, at no cost whatsoever!

4) Promoting on forums

Promoting on forums is one of the fastest ways to get qualified visitors to our site. Best of all, it’s free.

However, there is one challenge. Most people do not appreciate someone entering their community with blatant advertising.

I’d thus advise you to not go straight in the forum and promote. Become a member and contribute. Help people out. Make clear that you are not just after a quick buck but actually want to help people.

If you want to get sneaky you can open two accounts and answer the questions of the first account with that of the second. Be sure to be ethical here because this is a very powerful marketing technique that should not be abused.

It is very important that you stick to the rules of the forum. Many forums don’t allow advertising links but do allow you to have your own signature file in which it is ok to promote. You can also post use some of our images such as the product images or the banners.

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5) Article Marketing

There are a bunch of sites that allow you to post free articles including your affiliate links.

Some of these sites receive a considerable amount of traffic which you can make use of.

When writing the article there are two things you should make sure of.

  1. The article should be easy to read and deliver good information people can use
  2. The article should end in the middle of a new idea to entice people to click on your link and read the rest of the story

In our resource section you can find 10 articles you can use. We recommend rewriting them a bit to differentiate yourself from other affiliates.

If the site allow you to you can also use some of our product images or embed a relevant video from youtube to make it more interesting for the reader.

Here is a list of article sites that allow you to post free artcles:

An even larger list can be found here:

If you want to get serious about article marketing we recommend you consider getting software to automate the process and submit to hundreds of sites at the click of a button.

The best software for this is

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6) Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to first build a relationship with people and then to sell them.

In order for you to become a successful email marketer first you need to convince people to give you their email address.

This is done with an optin-form on your website. You should promise people something in return to give you their email address. Examples could be a free report on a subject they are interested in or a free email course that is delivered via subsequent emails.

Other than a website to place your optin form you will need to get an autoresponder.

Click Here To Read More About Autoresponders

We are happy to support your in your email marketing efforts. For this reason we have pre-written a couple of promotion emails for you. All you need to do is plug them into your autoresponder and they will get delivered automatically to your subscribers.

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7) Sponsored / classified ads

This form of paid advertising has the benefit that you will start making money very quickly.

All you need to find is a publication which is read by people interested in our product.

We have already written some classified ads you can run in magazines.

If you want to write these ads yourself, keep in mind to make them brief and curiosity arousing.

Words that have proven to attract buyers are: free, bonus, secret, discovered, revealed, new, guaranteed, finally, shocking, amazing, surprising, weird, Sprinkle these into your ad copy for higher response.

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8) Press Releases

Press releases are another powerful way to get the word out and promote our service.

The big advantage of press releases is that they are more trusted by the prospects. They lend the credibility of the medium they are published in. Seeing a press release most people think of a news story, not of advertisement.

Probably the most powerful press release service is While they are not cheap – prices start at $159 – they guarantee you a wide distribution all over the web with lots of sites covered.

In case you would like to start small, here’s a list of sites that accept press releases for free:


9) Product Ads

Product ads are a technique very similar to that of classified ads. The difference is that you post the short text ads – preferable with a small product  graphics – somewhere on your blog.

We recommend placing these product ads on the sidebar. The space below your header or the title of the post also works very well.

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10) Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is the fast way to get as many qualified visitors to us as you are willing to buy. The beauty is that even if there are already some people promoting our product via PPC, all you need to do is out-think them.

This is due to the fact how PPC advertising works. Your ads will be triggered by certain search terms the customers types in – so call “keywords”. Depending on the keyword you pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

The amount is calculated by the number of other advertisers bidding on the same keyword as well as on your click -through rate – the percentage of people you convince to click on your ad.

This provides you with a great opportunity to think out of the box and come up with the most appealing message for the visitors.

Here is an example: Someone types in the search term “heal my heel pain”. What kind of ad would appeal to this person? Obviously an add that mentions heal pain as well as the promise to cure it. The more the searcher find himself in your ad, the more likely he is to click on it and the lower your cost will be.

Another important component is that not all search queries will convert equally. Someone who is looking for “plantar fasciitis operation” is less likely to consider the Plantar Fasciitis System than someone searching for “plantar fasciitis alternative treatment”.

This shows you how important proper tracking is when it comes to this form of advertising. I have dedicated an entire section on proper tracking to make it easy for you.

When using PPC you can either directly link to our page or you can set up your own page on which you warm the prospect up to our product. We strongly recommend you do this. Let him know why the Plantar Fasciitis System is a better alternative than surgery and even try to get his email address so you can follow up with email marketing.

Here is an overview of some of the most important pay-per-click traffic sources:

Due to the fact that PPC marketing required a financial investment we strongly recommend you educate yourself how to do it properly before you jump in at the deep end.

Personally I have learned a lot from Chad Hamzeh, an expert affiliate marketer that has grown his business exclusively using PPC advertising.

You can find his blog with lots of free information and recommendations here:

If you are serious, check out Chad’s great PPC program here:

My advice: Try to leave the page, Chad will thank offer to try his program for just $1 for two weeks. Do it and see if his teaching style suits you.

In a market that is full of empty promises Chad is one of the few guys that does not promise more than he can actually deliver.

If you need any other materials or information, I am here to help you.

Just contact me.


Yours truly,

Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System