Text Ads


Text ads are like the Swiss knife of advertising – the possibilities of using them are almost endless.

Here are just some suggestions to get you going:

  • Newsletter advertising
  • Sponsor ad in online publications
  • Product / review section of you website
  • Per-per-click campaigns
  • Print media advertising
  • Media placement on other sites

If you have the option we strongly recommend you add some product graphic to the text ad. Pictures and graphics attract the reader’s attention and get the ad noticed.

If you intend to post something on your own blog / website we recommend longer text. The more you tell and educate the reader the more likely he is to find something in your description that interests you.

You can use parts of the mini salesletter to entice readers to click.
Here are some sample ads you can use:

“Plantar Fasciitis Cured in Minutes?” Newly released guide by former plantar fasciitis victim gives you practical, proven plan to escape the pain. This drug free treatment is simply to follow and guarantees lasting results. Hundreds have benefitted already and you could be next! For more information and a tip that can relief your pain in minutes


“Now at last: A proven, step-by-step system to relieve heel pain and cure plantar fasciitis. This easy method takes just minutes but has already brought lasting pain release to hundreds…in as little as minutes. In fact the author is so sure it will work for you she offers a full money-back guarantee.
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“Newly released plantar fasciitis treatment program guarantees results. Author Emma Eccles is so confident her “Plantar Fasciitis Sytem” will work for you she give a 100% money back guarantee, valid for 60 days. This natural, step-by-step approach has already cured hundreds of their burning heel pain – will you be next? Click Here And See What It Can Do For You [INSERT YOUR HOPLINK]


“Plantar Fasciitis? Newly released treatment system promises results, offers 60 days, 100% money back guarantee. “I tried your rapid intervention and after the first day I already saw improvement,” says Nancy Rodriguez, former plantar fasciitis victim. Hundreds more have experienced the same release. Click Here To Become The Next Success Story [INSERT YOUR HOPLINK]

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Yours truly,

Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System