Banner are an effective way to drive a significant amount of traffic - as long as they are used in combination with other methods of preselling. When used alone banners usually do not create enough interest for the visitor to click on them. You should thus place the banners in a context which creates enough curiosity and intrigue about the subject to sell the click.

Experience tells that a successful context is created with related articles, testimonials, endorsements or reviews of our products. All of these you will find here in the resource section.

For best results with banners the correct placement is of prime importance. The banner should be placed above the fold of the page, clearly visible and not blend in the content.

Here are the steps needed to put your banner in place:

1) Right click the banner you want to use and save it to your harddrive.

2) Upload the banner to your blog or website e.g using an FTP client.

3) Pick a suitable location on your website and place the banner.

4) Adjust the banner link to use your hoplink.

It is very important that you host the banners from your own server. Otherwise we can not give you credit for any sale.


Here is the general HTML code:


This is the link which you generate on Clickbank. It is the way the sales are tracked an credited to your account. A hoplink to our page could look like --SUPERAFFILIATE would be your Clickbank ID in this example.


Your unique address of your website..Might be


This is how the banner you downloaded from our website is called. Could be banner5.gif

Let us take this example to complete the banner code

1.Your affiliate link is :

2.Your website is:

3.The banner image you want to add to your website is: banner5.gif
(you used an FTP client to upload it to your server)

Here's the final HTML code you should place on your page:

Below you can find a small selection of our banners. However we are happy to provide you with other banners in all sizes you wish. Simply contact us using the email below and we will get in touch with you.

In order to use the banners simple download the ZIP archive and choose the banner you want.

Click here to download ->


Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

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