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If you face any technical difficulties, have questions about the Plantar Fasciitis System, want to share your success story, want to comment on something, have suggestions on how I can further improve the program, want to voice a concern and express your and my team are here for you!


In case you already went ahead and bought the Plantar Fasciitis System and need technical assistance with your order, please make sure to include the following details in your communication with us: Clickbank order number, the date of purchase and your full name.


Since the program has been wildly successful I am no longer able to personally respond to all the email I receive. For this reason I now have a customer support team that will handle your inquiry as fast as possible.


No matter why you are contacting me, someone of my support team will get back to you in no less than 24 hours during working days.


You can reach my support team under the following address (address protected to reduce spam):




1) Customers: In case you did not receive the download instructions or any welcome mail within five minutes of your pruchase check your bulk or spam folder. Occasionally spam filters block legitimate emails like ours.


In the unlikely case you do NOT find our mail in your bulk or spam folder I must have gotten lost on the way. Just as all electronic communication email is not 100% fail-safe.

For us to make sure this does not happen again, do not use the same email you purchased with when contacting us. It might be a problem with your email provider.



2) Free Email providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and others have stricter spam policies and filger more legitimate emails. Due to these filters emails can take longer to reach your account. Delays up to 24 hours are not uncommon.


If you have used one of these free email providers during your purchase give it at least 24 hours for the email to reach you. Only after this period has elapsed we can be certain the email is not still on its way to you.


Please try using another provider when contacting us.


Thank you,



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