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Pay-per-click advertising is the fast way to get as many qualified visitors to us as you are willing to buy. The beauty is that even if there are already some people promoting our product via PPC, all you need to do is out-think them.

This is due to the fact how PPC advertising works. Your ads will be triggered by certain search terms the customers types in – so call “keywords”. Depending on the keyword you pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

The amount is calculated by the number of other advertisers bidding on the same keyword as well as on your click -through rate – the percentage of people you convince to click on your ad.

This provides you with a great opportunity to think out of the box and come up with the most appealing message for the visitors.

Here is an example: Someone types in the search term “heal my heel pain”. What kind of ad would appeal to this person? Obviously an add that mentions heal pain as well as the promise to cure it. The more the searcher find himself in your ad, the more likely he is to click on it and the lower your cost will be.

Another important component is that not all search queries will convert equally. Someone who is looking for “plantar fasciitis operation” is less likely to consider the Plantar Fasciitis System than someone searching for “plantar fasciitis alternative treatment”.

This shows you how important proper tracking is when it comes to this form of advertising. I have dedicated an entire section on proper tracking to make it easy for you.

When using PPC you can either directly link to our page or you can set up your own page on which you warm the prospect up to our product. We strongly recommend you do this. Let him know why the Plantar Fasciitis System is a better alternative than surgery and even try to get his email address so you can follow up with email marketing.

Here is an overview of some of the most important pay-per-click traffic sources:

  • Google Adwords -
  • Facebook ads –
  • Yahoo  -
  • Miva –
  • Enhance -
  • Search 123 -
  • 7Search -
  • SearchFeed -
  • GoClick -
  • Looksmart -

Due to the fact that PPC marketing required a financial investment we strongly recommend you educate yourself how to do it properly before you jump in at the deep end.

Personally I have learned a lot from Chad Hamzeh, an expert affiliate marketer that has grown his business exclusively using PPC advertising.

You can find his blog with lots of free information and recommendations here:

If you are serious, check out Chad’s great PPC program here:

My advice: Try to leave the page, Chad will thank offer to try his program for just $1 for two weeks. Do it and see if his teaching style suits you.

In a market that is full of empty promises Chad is one of the few guys that does not promise more than he can actually deliver.

Example ads:

Heal Plantar Fasciitis
Facts and Cures That Work
How Pro Athlete Heal So Fast


Plantar Fasciitis Therapy
New at-home system for conquering
Plantar Fasciitis fast, naturally!


Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure
Light Case Recover In Hours
Severe Ones In Just Days


I Cured my Plantar Fasciitis
Stop Pain & Heal The Problem Now!
99.8% Success Rate & 100% Guarantee


How I Cured My Plantar Fasciitis
Ex PF Sufferer Reveals Secret System
For Getting Rid Of Plantar Fasciitis Fast


If you need any other materials or information, I am here to help you.

Just contact me.



Moe Unseld

Affiliate Manager

Plantar Fasciitis System